Lynd Group Photo February 2019


Keitz/Lynd/Rosales Holiday Party, December 2017


Lynd Group Summer-ish 2016 outside the Scottish Rite dormitory

Lynd Group Friends Photo.001

Robert C. Ferrier, Jr. Nate Lynd, Malgorzata (Gosia) Chwatko, Aaron Burkey, Gang Fan, Bill Kristoff Weatle, Alysha Helenic.


Lynd Group Spring BBQ, May 8th, 2016



Lynd Research Group, Austin, TX (Fall, 2015)


Left to right: Hannah Viola, Kathryn Loeffler, Christina Rodriguez, Malgorzata (Gosia) Chwatko, Nate Lynd, Gang Fan, Aaron Burkey, Bill Wheatle, Adrien Castberg


Lynd Research Group, Berkeley, CA (2013–2015)photo copy

Back: Hung Truong, Bryan Beckingham, Nate Lynd, Siwei Liang, Christina Rodriguez. Front: Annika Reuß, Daniel Miller, Gabriel Sanoja