Updates and News

November 2018–We hosted our first visiting scientists from Osaka University, Motoki Higuchi and Yanqiong Yang. We visited NASA together!

September 2018–Prof. Aoshima came to visit the Lynd Group from Osaka University. He learned about our research and we took him to see the famous bats that live under the Congress Ave. bridge here in Austin.

August 2018–Gang Fan (co-advised Keitz Group) and co-author Christopher Dundas were awarded the 2018 Graduate Student Paper of the Year Award and the Dr. Robert Schechter Endowed Excellence Fund in Chemical Engineering for their paper entitled “S. oneidensis as a Living Electrode for Controlled Radical Polymerization,” published in PNAS. Congrats Gang!

August 2018–Prof. Lynd and Prof. Adrienne Rosales organized the 2018 Texas Soft Matter Meeting where we heard some great talks!

June 2018–Prof. Lynd and Gosia Chwatko spent one month at Osaka University hosted by Prof. Aoshima as part of the Joint Research Promotion Program.

March 2018–Jennifer Imbrogno was awarded the PMSE Graduate Student Travel Grant at the National ACS Meeting in New Orleans.

June 15th, 2016–Another great visit to Kyushu University to visit the Tanaka laboratory!

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 2.16.45 PM

November 25th, 2015–Great to have lunch with the Dr. John McKetta!

Lynd and McKetta 2015-11-25

October 7th, 2015–Nate is author of the month of the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Polymer Chemistry Blog!

March 4th, 2015–Bryan Beckingham and Dan Miller attend the national APS meeting in San Antonio.
February 8–12th, 2015–The Lynd group attends the ECI conference “Advanced Membrane Technology VI: Water, Energy, and New Frontiers” in Sicily, Italy!